Support Services

As an alternative to our full Delivery Partner service, Home Safe can also support you with the below services.

We recognise that some Local Authorities may not require the full Delivery Partner support that we can provide but may benefit from accessing specific parts of our service what we do. With that in mind, Home Safe is able to offer its support in a modular fashion providing the specific support that a Local Authority may need. Please see below for a full overview of our support services but if you do require something different then please contact us for a discussion as Home Safe prides itself on our flexibility and ability to deliver a bespoke service.

The below range of services represent specific and important parts of any property licensing scheme. Our vast experience of licensing is reflected into each and every service meaning you will be benefiting from the very latest thinking and understanding when it comes to delivering your scheme.

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PRS & Licensing Consultancy

Our team at Home Safe have vast experience of the PRS including both Local Authority & Commercial aspects. A number of the Home Safe team have operated at senior management level in private sector housing departments in flagship Local Authorities and as such have a detailed understanding of all aspects of the Private Rented Sector as well as a deep understanding of the challenges Local Authorities face in trying to manage it. In addition, they also have a detailed understanding of running all types of Mandatory HMO, Additional & Selective Licensing schemes from creating initial proposals, and running consultations to delivering schemes utilising council resources only and as well as working with Delivery Partners.

  • PRS review providing advice and guidance in order to identify the required schemes.
  • Consultation preparation.
  • Consultation delivery and report writing.
  • Scheme set up and on going management.
  • Set up and delivery of effective inspection programmes.
  • Managing Landlord compliance in relation to licence conditions.
  • Effective enforcement strategies in relation specifically to property licensing schemes.
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Online Application Service

The traditional .gov application facility that many Local Authorities reach for can be a huge administrative burden for Local Authority officers, as well as daunting for the Landlords who have the task of completing the application. This approach requires large amounts of processing time and needs additional support from the Local Authority's finance department with the collecting and chasing of fees. It's impossible to know what Landlords are part way through their applications and difficult to forecast the required resources needed to process incoming applications.

Home Safe provides the Local Authority with an online application service that can be easily linked to their website and gives their Landlord community a much more convenient way to submit their applications that is convenient, faster and more supportive, ensuring their licence applications are submitted much quicker and are complete.

A major benefit to the Local Authority is that this approach reduces the admin time involved in processing a licence and if our payment collection service is utilised then this also removes the added task of collecting and chasing payments.

The convenient Local Authority dashboard provides an overview of all applications and their current status, enabling the Local Authority to conveniently process the data for completed applications and target those Landlords that have started their applications but failed to complete.

Our application system is there for the full duration of your property licensing scheme providing support along the way. As a Local Authority you will be able to see at any time the certificate status of all the properties within the designation and your Landlords will not only have the ability to log in and update their certification at the appropriate time but they will also receive alerts leading up to the expiry of their certificates.

  • Online application service making the process much more efficient and easier for Landlords.
  • Reduced administration for Local Authority officers.
  • Integrated payment collection service.
  • Application vetting service to ensure all applications are accurate and complete before being passed to the local authority.
  • Local Authourity dashboard enabling them to see at the click of a button the status iof every licence application.
  • Oversight of property certification for the duration of the property licensing scheme.
  • Landlord Dashboard to keep track of their applications and expiring certificates.
  • Reminder service for Landlords to prompt them to upload their latest certificates.
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Property Inspection Service

With that in mind, Home Safe is pleased to offer its inspection service to all Local Authorities that may need support in meeting their inspection demands. Home Safe's comprehensive inspection service, delivered by HHSRS qualified inspectors, can deliver inspections based on the specific needs of any Local Authority. We can deliver inspections on an ad hoc basis throughout your licensing scheme or alternatively we can deliver coordinated inspection programmes in the designation. Whether it's a general compliance check that you require, a licence condition compliance inspection or even a full HHSRS inspection, Home Safe can provide the solution.

All of our reports can be delivered electronically, in a format of your choice and to the recipients of your choice, as soon as our inspector leaves the property. Our easy-to-understand reports can quickly identify the core issues within any property enabling officers to focus their attention immediately on the areas that matter.

  • All of Home Safes inspectors are HHSRS qualified, specialising in inspecting properties within licensed areas.
  • Inspections can be tailored to the requirements of any licensing scheme
  • Defects and non compliance are clearly identified within our reports.
  • Inspections are delivered electronically as soon as our inspectors leave the property meaning all appropriate parties are immediately made aware of identified hazards.
  • Inspections can be delivered as part of a programme or on an individual basis
  • Full property access management is provided as part of our service
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Property Inspection & Corresponding Compliance Management

For Local Authorities looking for further support, Home Safe can offer its full inspection service coupled with corresponding compliance management. This service ensures that all identified issues and defects are resolved within a time frame acceptable to the Local Authority and where Landlords fail to demonstrate compliance an agreed breach process is deployed. By applying Home Safe's compliance management service, the Local Authority is able to quickly identify their worst performing Landlords and deliver targeted enforcement against those most deserving, whilst at the same time educating and developing their Landlord community.

  • Home Safe's full inspection service delivered.
  • A clear policy set for the management of inspection outcomes.
  • Ensures identified issues and defects are resolved in an acceptable timeframe.
  • Quickly identify your worst performing Landlords.
  • Use existing resource more efficiently with targeted enforcement.
  • Educate and develop your existing Landlord community.
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Landlord & Tenant Training Services

For Local Authorities looking to develop and train their Landlord community Home Safe is able to offer its online training platform to deliver a range of courses for both Landlords and Tenants. As well as delivering our standard range of courses all designed to assist Landlords and Tenants with managing or living in a property subject to licensing, we can also use our vast experience to deliver training on almost any topic relating to the PRS.

  • Online training facility.
  • Training courses for Landlords and Tenants.
  • Licensing specific training courses.
  • Bespoke courses on request.
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